Our experience

Construction or rehabilitation of schools

To adapt to the field, to the difficulties encountered by the weakest, in order to provide them with real access to education, to health care, to life...

● 252 schools and colleges and an international high school.
● 20 vocational training centres (including a centre for the disabled).
● 20 children's centres
● 6 orphanages.
● 14 teachers' and doctors' lodgings
● 10 toy libraries.
● 1 language re-education centre.
● 11 dispensaries.
● 4 boarding schools.
● 509 houses.
● 1 nursery.
● 1 training centre for Early Childhood Auxiliaries.

Educational support

To fit out, equip, train pedagogically or finance the following centres :

● 42 schools and toy libraries.
● 2 orphanages.
● 2 educational centres in refugee camps.
● 11 kindergartens and nursery schools.
● Teachers training courses (teachers, toy librarians, students, bachelor).
● Hygiene trainings in schools (with distribution of hygiene kits).


Development in the villages

Ensuring the survival of the most isolated populations, where they were born...

● 37 drinking water supply and hygiene training projects
● 60 wells drilled and developed
● 41 kilometres of village access roads
● 650 hectares of agricultural perimeters, family food self-sufficiency
● micro-credit programme, beekeeping (300 farmers)


Emergency aid distribution

To be there, when there's no hope...

● 130.000 children rescued (financial donations, donations in kind, tents, blankets, mattresses, food, hygiene, etc.) since the beginning of the war in the East.
● 1,630 tons of relief to populations victims of war, natural disasters or poverty.
● 450.000 medical consultations in our dispensaries.


Implementation of actions

Behind each of the donations received, men and women who fight every day to improve the conditions of children in distress...

● 3 permanent staff and 30 volunteers at the association's headquarters
● 60 permanent national employees in the field
● 200 volunteers sent during emergency or disaster operations
pedagogical training.
● 16.500 national employees worked on our sites

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