Sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child with Mission Enfance, is to build a future for him !

In Vietnam, Lebanon, Armenia and Burkina Faso, access to school is often difficult for children. The economic situation of the parents, the distance between the schools and their place of residence, the work force that children sometimes represent for the families, so many reasons that keep the child away from school... and from the development of his country. Mission Enfance, thanks to its local partners, identifies the most vulnerable children and the structures that can support them. Thanks to sponsorship, these children are welcomed in schools, in homes or in extra-curricular activity centres. They are then taught to read and write, introduced to the arts or sports, and some receive psychological support. In all cases, they benefit from a reassuring, stable and fulfilling environment. Through your relationship as a sponsor, you discover their world while helping them build a future!

Our mutual commitment charter :

● For at least one year, you agree to pay €35 per month, €105 per term or €420 per year for an individual sponsorship (sponsorship of a child or student with whom you have regular correspondence), You receive their school report and an annual report on their personal situation and progress) or a project sponsorship (sponsorship of a literacy school, nursery, reception or tutoring centre, without having any particular relationship with a child, you receive an annual report on the project's activities).

● We guarantee to respect the proper use of the funds paid each month and to act in strict compliance with our sponsorship charter.

● Mission Enfance commits itself to be the mediator between the godchild and his godfather, in order to protect both entities.

● 90 % of your donations are used on the spot to feed, clothe and pay, for at least one year, his school fees (the remaining 10 % finance the sponsorship fees of our association - mail and mission expenses on the spot).

● Once a year, our sponsorship manager goes to the field and makes sure that the funds collected are well used for the education of your godchild. This mission also allows us to send you an accurate report on your sponsorship. You then share the life of your godchild and his country!

● We assure you to facilitate access to your godchild and to his centre, as soon as you let us know that you wish to meet him.

● As soon as you commit, all the information concerning your godchild or the project you have chosen to support is sent to you.

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