The team in the field

Relying on local stakeholders

Our local coordinators are responsible for the implementation of our programmes under the control of the head office. 60 people compose our teams in the field : managers, engineers, doctors, agronomists, logisticians, educators... These local actors have an acute knowledge of the needs encountered by the populations. Mission Enfance supports them in their expertise and elaborates all its projects with them.


Our coordinators :

● Belqis Katil et Haji Saleh, Afghanistan
● Arminé Gasparyan-Kamaian, Armenia
● Henri Girard, coordinator Terre Verte, Burkina Faso
● Françoise Bardon, Colombia
● Wahid Atrushi, Iraq
● Charles Hayek, Lebanon
● Bounleua Chaysinh, Laos

Henri Girard
Belqis Katil et Haji Saleh, Afghanistan
Bounleua Chaysinh, Laos
Françoise Bardon, Colombie
Charles Hayek, Liban
Wahid Atrushi, Kurdistan d'Irak
Anaida Gasparyan, Arménie

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