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An international solidarity association dedicated to children in distress for over 32 years.


This International Solidarity Organisation was founded in 1991, in France and in the Principality of Monaco, by Father Stéphane Aumonier, to "provide assistance to children in distress throughout the world ".

In Monaco, this humanitarian association was approved by the Ministry of State of the Government of Monaco on 15th July 2010 (Ministerial Order N° 2010-350). Mission Enfance - France and Monaco - is chaired by Mrs Patricia Husson. Its main focus is education. The association operates directly in the field, with its local teams, in order to carry out its humanitarian programmes.

Mission Enfance adapts its humanitarian aid according to the needs of the countries visited, in isolated regions, without any racial, ethnic or religious consideration. In 2022, thanks to the subsidy for the running costs of the head office paid by the Government of the Principality of Monaco and the support of its private patrons, the association allocated 99.36% of its funds to its humanitarian actions in the field.

Promote schooling for deprived children

Our operational goal is to create or strengthen local school systems in order to ensure effective schooling to children in difficult areas. Education is a step towards peace and development. This action is part of the aid required to comply with Article 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child promulgated by the United Nations.

Specific educational programs monitored by us in the field.

Mission Enfance carries out directly the programs that it develops in the field in coordination with the local authorities or people in charge.

The association has full control over the humanitarian aid it provides. It has local teams in each country where it is directly active and carries out monitoring missions to ensure that donors receive the aid they need. It coordinates its humanitarian action under the supervision of the structures in place in the beneficiary countries and acts solely for the benefit of the children it meets. It participates exceptionally and occasionally in the financing of humanitarian operations carried out by other NGOs.

Mission Enfance, strong of its experience integrates the local know-how. Its national teams (composed of 60 people), are trained as much to a common humanitarian objective, as to the good financial and technical management of our programmes. It also intervenes to develop local trainings and expertise as soon as it is possible. The idea is to promote the sustainability of our humanitarian action, including when we depart from a region.

Our areas of intervention:

▶︎ Actions for development by strengthening local structures in the health, educational, economic and social fields.

▶︎ Implementation of programmes, by our teams, aimed at stabilising families.

▶︎ School sponsorships of children on a strong axis : "the future is built on the paths of the school."

▶︎ Emergency actions towards the children, according to the capacity of the association.

▶︎ Participation in joint actions with other organisations.

▶︎ Testimonial actions with the publication of reports and books.

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