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In the heart of Burkina Faso, in the province of Oubritenga, in the region of Guié, eleven villages (11,000 people) have joined forces to take charge of their own development in order to combat desertification. They created the Zoramb Naagtaabaa association. This Burkinabé association is headed by a Frenchman, Henri Girard, who has been working with this population for 32 years on agricultural, health and educational projects. Only 13% of Burkinabe men and 10% of women are literate. The Burkinabe association develops the education of the children of this province by supporting public schools, building schools, colleges and high schools, training adults, sponsoring schools, literacy courses and creating libraries. Since 2002, Mission Enfance has built 7 schools and 2 secondary schools equipped with wells and teachers' lodgings, but also a nursery to welcome abandoned or orphaned babies, as well as a nurses' training centre to take care of these children. Mission Enfance sends containers every year and participates in the functioning of the AZN. Finally, we have just finished the construction of the dispensary/maternity of Goema in the North Centre, to which we are going to add the solar system to compensate the lack of electricity in the region. This dispensary is in full operation, in particular to treat the populations of the north of the country displaced by the terrorist attacks.  



  • Improve the education of Burkinabe children,
  • Provide food self-sufficiency to the population,
  • Stabilising the displaced in the North Centre through access to drinking water.

In 2023, we will continue our action to support the dental hygiene of 5,600 pupils in 14 schools in Guié.

Mission Enfance supports the AZN's agricultural projects by creating agricultural perimeters in Filly. In these villages, the objective is to ensure food self-sufficiency for the villagers of the region, through better water management in the perimeters created for this purpose. For this reason, in 2023 (and until 2025) we will start the construction of 11 boreholes and 4 wells, in order to stabilise the displaced populations in 12 villages of the Oula department.

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