Educational deprivation in the different regions of Afghanistan is terrible, only 30% of children are literate. Since 2005, our goal of educating girls and boys together has been achieved year after year.We have built 8 primary schools in the Panjshir region and 1 secondary school in Mazar e Sharif, educating nearly 4,000 students in total.

All the schools built by Mission Enfance are then taken in charge by the Afghan Ministry of Education. Out of the 20 girls we have taken to the baccalaureate in our school of Don e Rewat in Panjshir, 9 are teachers in our schools and 11 are currently studying at the university in Kabul.

In 2018, we built an 18-class school in Mazar e Sharif for the education of 2.369 refugee boys (1.171) and girls (1.198) in the poor neighbourhood of Bacharmal.



In 2020, we will finalize the construction of Don e Rewat High School in the Panjshir Valley (construction and equipment of an additional floor in our middle school) in order to accommodate the growing number of our students and better prepare them for the baccalaureate. We are also going to repair and repaint the first floor of the secondary school that we built in 2006.

We will support the dispensary of Dr Belqis Katil in Kabul with a financial endowment. (in 2019 : 4.300 patients in Kabul and 1.000 in the Panjshir Valley => including 45% children under 5 years old).

In 2019 : 4.300 patients in Kabul and 1.000 in the Panjshir Valley were treated in our dispensaries.

Taking action in Afghanistan


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