The devastating effects of the coronavirus in the world lead us to postpone our educational missions in order to focus on food distributions to families.

We have suspended all our school construction and closed our reception centres, toy libraries and education centres so as not to endanger the children, their families and our staff.

Life on our various fields, particularly in Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Armenia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Laos and Ethiopia, is very precarious. The containment measures decreed by the governments, modelled on those in Europe, are not adapted to the living conditions and culture of these countries.

All live this confinement with the fear of no longer being able to provide for their primary needs :

● How to make food stocks and no longer supply on the markets on a daily basis when there is so little electricity as in Burkina Faso ?

● How to pay for food when the banks, virtually all closed, only allow the withdrawal of a few Lebanese pounds per week as in Lebanon imports have almost stopped ?

● How to eat when prices have been multiplied by five as in Laos ? Ginger, the basic food of the Lao people, since it has been strongly recommended by the Chinese to fight the Corona, has seen its price per kilo increase from 4,000 to 25,000 kips in 24 hours and the same goes for all other products... Likewise a "medical injunction" (no doubt launched by the sheep breeders...) has had a devastating effect on the Lao people : "to cure, eat hard-boiled eggs before nightfall !". Eggs became unaffordable and untraceable, and night fell... Absurdity after absurdity which would seem funny if so many lives weren't in danger...

Containment suspends economic life. In these countries, your family resources stop as soon as your work is interrupted. No unemployment, no social security. You're facing a black hole. All you have to do is jump into misery. And if, by misfortune, you are seriously contaminated, Burkina Faso's 11 breathing apparatus, for example, will not be of much help to you... This country, moreover, is suffering a triple punishment : jihadists, coronavirus today and perhaps, if the humanitarians do not support it, famine tomorrow...

Mission Enfance has set up a program of remote distribution of food parcels, delivered by supermarkets, in front of the doorsteps of elderly people and families with children in Yerevan, Armenia. No physical contact between our team and the beneficiaries of our support is made. Orders are made by phone and delivered to the beneficiaries. All payments are made by credit card by our coordinator. Every day, we deliver to our beneficiaries a package to last a month if they are isolated, or a week if they are with their family. All distributions are controlled by our coordinator.

In Laos, we are distributing bags of rice and money so that our workers and their families can make it through the confinement.

In Ethiopia, distributions of hygiene products are taking place around our Assayta awareness centre.

In our other fields, we are evaluating the applicability of an emergency action. We are forced to act with new and almost phantomatic methods...

Children are also waiting to be sponsored, as in Lebanon, Armenia, Burkina Faso and Vietnam... Don't abandon them ! Even if our centres and schools are currently closed, this support will enable them to resume their schooling and be fed in their care centres, which will take over from the destitute parents once this generalised confinement is over. To save their children now, click on our sponsorship page !
Yes, stay at home, but step out of yourself and save lives ! In the name of all those who are in hospital, of all those who care for them, not forgetting those who provide us with supplies.


Good luck to all of you,


Domitille Lagourgue
Director of Mission Enfance

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