Sponsor a child in Lebanon

Individual sponsorship

The children come from families of different faiths, very poor and often illiterate. Our schools, boarding schools and day care centres offer them an educational and psychological follow-up that allows these children to evolve in a stimulating environment that can lead some of them to higher university studies. Depending on the pupil's needs, part of your help is donated to the centre.

Project sponsorship

Located in the Bekaa Plain and in one of Beirut's underprivileged neighborhoods, the school support centers ran by Mission Enfance welcome daily children living in miserable conditions. The teams on site help them with their schoolwork and offer them psychological care to alleviate recurring problems such as drugs, alcoholism, illiteracy and domestic violence. Sponsorship makes it possible to pay the staff of the centres, finance operating costs and support families in great difficulty. The pooling of aid offers our partners in the field greater leeway and the possibility of adjusting aid to best suit the needs of the children.



Sponsorship in Lebanon - part 1
Sponsorship in Lebanon - part 2

LIBAN Centre Deir Al Ahmar 2019
LIBAN Centre Deir Al Ahmar 2019
LIBAN Centre Deir Al Ahmar 2019 (cour de récréation)

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