It doesn’t take much to spread life!

Dear Friends,

Beyond a reassessment of our lifestyles, what we will remember of this truly unique time is how important solidarity is to our survival. These past months have revealed the harsh inequalities between the residents of our Earth.

In the countries where we are present, the lockdown has severely exacerbated the insecurity of the poorest. Since March 17, we have been working with those who do not enjoy the benefits of our European mutual support systems, and are facing fear and hunger.
For families in need, dealing with the virus is easier than losing a job, or the dizzying rise in consumer prices, to say nothing of the difficulty in accessing health car e… Our local teams are working in the
field with those who are hungry.

In Armenia, we are distributing basic care packages to those who are still under lockdown and have no unemployment benefits. We intervene from afar, paying for supermarket deliveries by credit card. Each of our donations is verified by our local representative.

On the fringes of the Ethiopian desert, our teachers are supporting Assayata’s children with food and personal hygiene products.

In Laos, our coordinator distributes sacks of rice to unemployed parents.

In Burkina Faso, families forced out of their homes by the deadly Jihadists attacks receive seeds and tools to cultivate the land at the sites where they are housed.

Our local team in Colombia is distributing food packages to those suffering from hunger in the six regions where we are present.

In Afghanistan, where the number of confirmed cases is increasing daily, we provide basic survival products to the families of taxi drivers, street vendors… who a re all locked down.

With Mission Enfance, help fulfil the fundamental need of the poorest populations who are reaching out to us today: education is the best guarantee of their future survival.

For our association, coming out of lockdown means continuing the building work for our schools, like the ones in Iraq for the Kurdish refugee children from Syria, and those in Laos, where we are completing the construction of two high schools. Our centres and training programmes are opening up again slowly, offering opportunities for refugee and displaced children and victims of conflict or misery to build a future.

Spread life with Mission Enfance!

Our aim is to save as many children as possible thanks to education. It is only with your support that we can offer them this access to learning. Humanity needs you and your support. We should never forget how salutatory this solidarity has been in recent times…

We would like to thank Opera Gallery and its Masters Show 2020 from the bottom of our hearts,
for their contribution to helping Mission Enfance support the weakests.


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