Carnaval Party




A magical music show for kids based on Schumann's Carnival, with the narrated story and live animation.

14 OCTOBER 2023

12pm in French
3pm in English

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Mission Enfance.


In this children's show from the imagination of Edna Stern and Tatiana Svetlova, the young spectators are transported to the enchanting musical world of Robert Schumann through his famous work, "Carnaval Op. 9". With the combined talents of Stern on the piano and the poetry of Svetlova, the experience is illustrated by the animations of sand artist Ekaterina Barsukova. The audience meets characters from the Commedia dell'Arte and the world of Schumann, including his alter ego Florestan and beloved Clara Wieck. The show aims to introduce children to classical music in a way that captures their imagination and teaches them an appreciation for the theatre.


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