The children of Karabagh are cold !


The resumption of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh has thrown thousands of Armenian children on the roads of exodus since September 27, 2020.

More often than not, Karabaghti parents have stayed behind to guard the houses, sending their children to sister families in neighbouring Armenia. These young children have the chance to find a home, to live away from bombs, despite their concern for the adults who have remained in the country.

But Armenia, a very poor country in which we have been sending children to school for thirty years, cannot fully guarantee, despite village solidarity, the care of these young refugees.

These children left in the panic of the conflict and thought they would only stay a few hours away from home. But the conflict has been going on for over a month, the truces are of very short duration and the deaths are already counted by the hundreds. While waiting for the negotiations to lead to a durable cease-fire, Mission Enfance distributes to these refugee children warm clothes for the winter.

With 30 €, we offer them a warmth kit : 1 jumper, 1 pair of socks, 1 woollen hat and 1 scarf.
With 50 €, they will receive a food parcel (15 days of food).


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