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In our fields of intervention, containment measures have terribly aggravated the precariousness of the most disadvantaged. Since 17 March, we have been working alongside those who, not benefiting from our European mutual aid systems, are facing fear and hunger.

Being confronted with the virus is more bearable for needy families than losing one's job or the skyrocketing prices of consumer goods, not to mention the difficulty of access to care.

Our local teams have been working for three months in the field with the starving : distributing a food parcel of 50 € means saving the life of a family of 5 people for a week.

In Armenia, we are distributing these parcels to those who are confined and do not receive any unemployment benefit. We operate remotely, paying for supermarket deliveries by credit card. Each of our donations is monitored by our local manager.

On the edge of the Ethiopian desert, the children of Assayta receive from the hands of our teachers support in hygiene and food products. In Laos, bags of rice are distributed by our coordinator to unemployed parents. In Burkina Faso, families displaced by the deadly assaults of the jihadists receive seeds and tools to cultivate the land that welcomes them. Our local team in Colombia distributes food parcels to victims of hunger in the six regions where we operate. In Afghanistan, where contamination is increasing by the day, we provide basic necessities to the families of taxi drivers, confined streets’ vendors.

50 € here save the life of an entire family there !

Dear friends, join us in responding to the vital need that the poorest populations are addressing to us today : education, the main guarantee of their survival.

Within our association, coming out of confinement means resuming the construction of our schools as in Iraq for Kurdish refugee children from Syria, but also in Laos where we are finishing two secondary schools. Our care and training centres will gradually reopen in Lebanon, offering future opportunities to refugee and displaced children, victims of conflicts and poverty. With Mission Enfance, spread life, prepare tomorrow !

Our goal is to save as many children as possible through school and school sponsorship. This access to education is only possible thanks to you. Humanity needs you, your solidarity. Let's not forget how much this solidarity has saved us lately...   

Receive, dear friends, our deepest gratitude.

Domitille Lagourgue
Director of Mission Enfance


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