Make a donation in kind

Giving is already acting ! Making a material donation to Mission Enfance is another way to be an actor of solidarity and to take part in the actions of the association in favour of the most deprived.

In addition to financial donations, Mission Enfance collects daily donations of material goods (new clothes or in excellent condition, household linen, small materials, toys, small furniture but also books, household appliances...). Everything that can be redistributed while respecting the dignity of the people.

By bringing your donations in kind, you participate in a great chain of solidarity! What you no longer need and which is in good condition can be indispensable to a person in difficulty. Regular sales are organised in order to generate funds and to respond to requests for solidarity, as well as to finance the sending of our emergency containers.

Textile and clothing donation

Are your wardrobes full of clothes that you don't know what to do with? Are they in good condition and clean? Instead of throwing them away, you can decide to donate your trousers, dresses, skirts, shoes, t-shirts, tank tops, jumpers, belts, to help those who cannot afford to dress properly. All sizes are welcome. Women, men, children and baby clothing, your cotton knitwear that you no longer need will surely make someone happy and will be given a second life.

You can also donate any new or very good condition textile, such as bed linen, carpets, tablecloths or towels. 

Donating furniture and childcare equipment

Equipping and furnishing yourself is a real challenge when you are already having difficulty paying your rent and bills. We collect small furniture and household appliances in excellent condition which are then offered at low prices or sent out to our beneficiaries in Burkina Faso.

Donation of toys

Children, affected in spite of themselves by precariousness, are deprived of comforting toys adapted to their age or their daily life. Cuddly toys, rattles, plastic or wooden toys, board games, small cars, dolls, rocking horses, disguises, are all gifts that you can donate to the association to make the eyes of young and old shine.

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